Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vision and Strategy

Back to the basics.

Whenever I meet with someone for the first time, I ask two questions: 1) what's your vision, and 2) what's your strategy?

Most of the time, I sit there for about an hour while I listen to a long ramble that doesn't quite make sense. I then ask again: so, what's your vision and what's your strategy?

It quickly becomes clear that they don't really know, can't really articulate it, are lost in vision, or have a sense of strategy that doesn't move too deep because they're lacking vision.

For organizations (and individuals) to be successful there has to be clear vision and strategy, and everyone (I do mean everyone) at the organization should be able to articulate it, think on it, change on it, practice it in a dynamic and personal way.

Your vision and strategy needs to be precise, simple, and clear, as this is where all else will move forward.

What's your vision? What's your strategy?